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Gestt Falkenhorst is located in Thuringia, part of
the former East Germany. This region, known as the
"Green Heart of Germany" because of its huge green
pastures and vast forests, is rich in history and full
of wonderful castles. In 1998 we were fortunate enough
to purchase one of these magnificent Thuringian
estates. Our castle was mentioned in the town
chronical as far back as 9th century. The Knight's
crest shown here on the website adorns the castle's


elcome to Gestt Falkenhorst on the world wide web. With decades of experience, we are the largest and highest quality colored Warmblood stud farm in the world and we continue to exceed your highest expectations, which our horses have earned us. Our stallions' semen and offspring have been sold and exported worldwide - to the USA, Indonesia, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and throughout Europe - since 1991.

our castle crest

Do not be fooled by imitations.  Though many have tried to duplicate our success, the quality that is the foundation of our 25 year breeding program is second to none. Quality, not color is of utmost importance to us.  Color is only an additional bonus, which we do strive for through selective breeding.  A lovely jacket, on a well conformed body is the best of both worlds.  No matter what color the horse, quality must be outstanding first and foremost.  Among our many accolades, Gestt Falkenhorst is known for having produced 19 approved and graded breeding stallions, as well as having raised and presented another 12 stallions that got successful approved and having also produced the 2001 Young Horse German Warmblood Champion. Most of our stallions are licensed by the German government for shipping and freezing semen, and Gestt Falkenhorst is a licensed breeding facility on 97.6 acres of grass land that trains apprentices in the art of stud farm management. It is important to understand that these are privileges that must be earned and are granted by the State governing body.

Some of our Past and Present Stallions

Mascarpone GF     VPrH Apollon     Multicolor GF     Inspirant     Khalvin Khlein KpM     Morgengold II

The love and dedication for the Golden Horses also called Palominos came in 1972 when Gwendolyn Gregorio bought her first "golden horse" - a Palomino gelding named Golden Flash. Since then she has been dedicated to the golden horses and began breeding palominos in 1982.  In 1993 "patterns" were added to the breeding program of "The golden horses of Gestt Falkenhorst" with the pinto stallion Sinclair B and in 1995, with the acquisition of the Knabstrupper black leopard stallion Apollon. So at GF there is the possibility to have the golden horses in an array of wonderful patterns.


Magic Colors GF, the 2001 Young Horse German Warmblood Champion of the ZfDP, a buckskin tobiano pinto, bred by Gestuet Falkenhorst


At Gestt Falkenhorst all horses and foals we sell are guaranteed to be represented honestly. We supply our clients with the pedigree information for each and every horse up front, and are happy to explain the European Warmblood registration and breeding standards and regulations. We also can provide detailed information about the various stallion and mare books for each registry.  It is important to us that our clients know exactly what they are purchasing, therefore we provide a full understanding of each horse's or foal's eligibility for future approvals, and registrations, as well as a basic evaluation of suitability for sport and/or breeding.

Again we welcome you to our website and hope you enjoy your virtual visit with us, if you have any questions, comments or need further information we will be happy to help. Gwendolyn Gregorio the owner of G.F. is fluent in several languages, she speaks excellent English, French and of course German, which is her native language so feel at ease that communication will be easy. Please refer to our contact page for several ways in which you can reach Gestt Falkenhorst.

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