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1999-2010  All images/materials/
design and concepts
on these pages are copyright protected and cannot be used without written permission from Gestt Falkenhorst, Lizard Graphics and or the various Photographers.



Photo/Graphic/Text Use and SIM Rules

Thank you to Silverwood Farm for allowing us to use their rules.

The main rule is to BE COURTEOUS! Do not use proprietary images/information that don't belong to you without permission. We appreciate your interest in our horses, but if you wish to use photos/information about GF horses, read and follow the guidelines below.

Breeders/Horse and Foal Owners
Permission is granted to breeders/owners of foals/horses by GF stallions or horses that have been bred by GF to use photos to help promote their GF offspring. Please give credit to photographer (Gwendolyn Gregorio unless noted otherwise) and a link to Gestuet Falkenhorst's website. Do not link directly to my photos (instead, put a link to the page from my site where appropriate). Download the photo, then upload on your site. Please do not use my bandwidth.

Every single graphic on here has been made by Liz Hall of Lizard Graphics or has been customized by her. We both do not want to see these graphics - she made for me from scratch - on other people's websites.
If you want to use one of these graphics, PLEASE ASK, we may say YES, we may say NO, but we usually have a reason for either. If you need a logo from a registry etc. get it from them or scan it in yourself and work it the way you like it, but again do not take my/Liz Hall's graphics without asking.
It is strictly forbidden to take our logo with the stallion heads!

SIM Game Rules

1. Give credit to photographer! Unless specifically credited to another photographer, most photos on the website are copyrighted by Gestuet Falkenhorst and several named photographers. Under the photos must be noted that they are copyrighted.

2.Give credit to Gestuet Falkenhorst and the "real" horse somewhere on the page and a link to www.gestuet-falkenhorst.com  - this is a requirement.

3. Download the photo from GF site, then upload to your site. DO NOT DIRECTLY LINK TO PHOTO. DO NOT STEAL BANDWIDTH.

4. THE PAGE MUST STATE THAT THIS IS A GAME ONLY and that it is not real or something to that effect.

5. Permission to use photos is limited to SIM game use only - copyright is still held by Gestuet Falkenhorst, any other use is prohibited.

6. I would like the address to the page after it is set up to check it out. Please email link to page to Gestuet.Falkenhorst@t-online.de Please DO NOT email me for any other reason.

I reserve the right to revoke use of photos/text/graphics at any time and for any reason. If revoked, the photos/material must be removed within 10 days of notice. Any players or sites that do not follow these rules will first be given notice to make corrections or remove photos. If not, Server will be notified with copyright violation.

Example of how photo credit should appear on a website:

Gestuet Falkenhorst, photo by Gwendolyn Gregorio

 Additional for SIM sites:
Somewhere on the page it should say:
Photo of Win the Gold (SIM Name Golden Glory) provided by Gestuet Falkenhorst





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